El snappo


I don’t know what all that stuff up there means, but it’s broken. Slight fracture in the smaller bone in my arm. Less serious than a fracture in the bigger bone, up by the thumb, but they still need to confirm there’s no break there next week. It’s in a soft cast now, but when I go back next week they’ll put it in a hard cast.  Hard cast should last about 6 weeks, so I’ll have to push them to get it off before we go away in September. Don’t want to shlep luggage with a cast on…

[tags]broken wrist[/tags]

0 thoughts on “El snappo

  1. Coolest picture ever! When you get the hard cast you can hit the idiot who cause d the break with it.

  2. i still have a cast on..i completely broke my wrist..both bones. they were hanging to the side and it hurt very badly.what really sucked though was that i ate before they put me to sleep to reset my bones,so i had to wait 6 hours in pain,when all i ate was a single “cheese it”.i am 11 years old and i did not cry.i was, and still am,very proud of myself.

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