Waiting for a train

Having a computer with proper internet access is a beautiful thing when travelling, even if it is French (who knew the French don’t use QWERTY keyboards?), for finding things out. My Blackberry has served us well, but it just can’t match the speed with which I found out the weather in Paris and Toronto, located a nearby gas station, updated some Facebook crap, moderated some blog comments and confirmed a train departure time + station. Not to mention all the camera maintenance we were able to do last night.

We gassed (diesel’d?) up the car and drove to the train station in Libourne. We erred on the side of caution, which was a mistake, ’cause by the time we returned our cars and got to the station we still had nearly two hours to wait. Sigh.

[tags]france, chateau franc mayne, saint-emilion, libourne, the internets[/tags]

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