Back where it all started

After a wait, and being accosted by a little old French lady who was upset I didn’t speak her language (rightly so) our train arrived. We had a little trouble finding room for all our luggage and Nellie had to kick an old lady out of her seat, but we made it.

We pulled into Paris’ Gare Montparnasse about half an hour late, and it took another half hour to get a cab. It would’ve taken only a few minutes to reach our hotel except military-type guys kept turning our cab away. We eventually had to just jump out and walk the last few blocks…in the rain, of course! Anyway, our hotel seemed reasonable and we immediately set out for some dinner and to catch at least an hour or two at the Louvre. To get there we walked through a good portion of St-Germain, a beautiful part of town.

Dinner was pretty good*, and quick, which is what we needed. A few minutes later we crossed the Pont du Carousel — an amazing sight at night, by the way, and entered the Louvre. We had less than two hours so we did speed runs to some of the biggies. The Mona Lisa was swarmed and the Venus de Milo was beset by photographers, who Nellie and my dad and I decided to mess with a bit. At this point my parents were bagged so we decided to call it quits. Someday I’ll come back to Paris and spend an entire day here.

We still haven’t figured out how taxis work here in Paris, so we decided to just walk home. Unfortunately it was a cold night and my mom’s feet were hurting, but we eventually made it in one piece. Nellie and I then plopped down on the bed with some gourmet chocolate and a bottle of wine (which we nicked from my brother’s wedding). Vive la France!

*I ordered the jumbo prawns. I forgot that in france they arrive with the heads and legs still attached. It went against my preference to only eat things without the eyes remaining but I managed.

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