Winding down

This morning started as all mornings should: with pastries. Freshly stuffed, we were on the go by 9:00, heading toward the Eiffel Tower. We walked down the parc du champ de mars and got pictures of the tower — currently cradling an enormous rugby ball — from up close. I’m glad we didn’t want to take the elevator up; the lines were already miles long.

Instead we ducked out of the cold and onto the batobus, a hop-on-hop-off bus tour up the Seine. Really we were just using it as a water taxi from the tower to Notre Dame and back. We hopped off near Notre Dame and had a look around (impressive, but way too crowded with yahoos), had lunch at a nearby tourist trap and had a look at the stained glass inside Saint Chapelle as well.

Back on the batobus we went and looped around to the Champs Elysees stop. We walked the avenue for a bit, stopped so my mom could buy a bag and jumped in a cab back to the hotel. Nellie, my dad and I went ’round the corner to the Rodin museum to admire the sculpture and gardens, before scoping out some dinner options and grabbing afternoon snacks.

Dinner was at a brasserie down the street, and it was nice to have a reasonably proper French meal before we left. Everyone enjoyed their meal, our waiter was crazy and fun, and we were finished nice and early so we could relax for the rest of the night, just the way we wanted it. We finished off the chocolate and wine, packed all our stuff (re-packed in some cases; my big suitcase was pushing 25kg) and Nellie filled out her postcards. We were ready to go. One more night in France and then it’s back to Toronto.Yaaay?

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