She rolled her Rs…her beautiful Rs.

I just got off the elevator with a mother and her little girl. The girl saw the elevator button marked “R” (which opened or closed the rear doors — we were in the larger freight elevator) and started playing the word game: “Ar is for…rabbit!” The mother, although appearing incredibly tired, encouraged her to keep going.

Little girl: “Ar is for…ice cream.”

Mother: “No, honey, I is for ice cream.”

Dan [inside voice, thankfully]: “Actually, ‘Ar’ could be for ‘Arse cream’, which technically is correct and, let’s be honest, much funnier.”

Good thing I’m an introvert and don’t talk to people, otherwise I might’ve thought that was funny enough to share and found myself being beaten with a diaper bag.

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0 thoughts on “She rolled her Rs…her beautiful Rs.

  1. Ummmmm….okay, no more talking to your nieces and nephew then. I don’t want them landing at the Farm and asking Grampy for some of his “special home made arse cream”. That would be bad.

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