May 14th is Buy Everything Day, right?

Well, aren’t we just the happy little consumers. Nellie could no longer resist the urge to buy an iMac and ordered one this evening. I managed to resist the urge to pre-order one of those teeny little Asus eee PCs. I’ve wanted a small, portable laptop for travelling, TIFFblogging, and so on. These things seem to fit the bill, so I’ll grab one closer to our Rockies trip. Oh, and I damn near ordered a new desktop tonight too.

Also, for the condo, we ordered a small filing cabinet and an air purifier for the bedroom. To help with the flooring we’ll eventually order a humidifier. I don’t want to, but the construction people are telling us it’s necessary.

[tags]rampant consumerism, imac, asus eee pc, air purifier[/tags]

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