Bye mountains…

Lake O'Hara

Hey kids. We’ve finally returned to the land of cell phone signals and internet connections.

O’Hara gave us a proper send-off; last night, after dinner, the sun finally broke through the clouds and painted the mountains for us one last time. We stayed out on the porch until nearly 10:00, just staring. It was hard to tear ourselves away.

This morning it was one last breakfast before taking the bus down the hill, and heading west into the BC interior. The drive was beautiful, but Yoho spoils a nature-lover, so we almost felt numb to the beauty we were driving through. We stopped to eat lunch — another delicious one prepared by the folks at the lodge before we left — at the rather disappointing Rogers Pass, then stopped again just outside of Revelstoke to drive up the mountain to a few lookouts, but then just booted it for Kamloops. The country changes a lot in those ~400 km…from mountains to hills to huge lakes to arid farmland just before Kamloops.

Our room…well, it’s a Four Points. Functional, but it’s not pretty or particularly scenic. Hard to adjust down after what we’ve enjoyed for the past four days. But it has a comfy bed and a big fridge and a decent restaurant downstairs and an internet connection, so it’ll do for tonight. Tomorrow we’ll drive to Whistler; how we’ll get there is still up in the air. Stay tuned.

I’ve published the blog posts that I wrote up in the past four days, so you can read all about the trip so far.

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