700 people with one pig? Wonderful, magical animal indeed.

Back in April I blogged about how the federal government is subsidizing a massive cull of swine. The economic wisdom behind this is pretty questionable, but that aside it seemed a huge waste. My articulate plea: “Just give it to some food banks, for chrissakes.”

Well, it turns out that some provinces are. Quebec just announced that they’d donate about 300,000 kg of pork from the cull to food banks. Ditto Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, according to the story; not sure what’s holding up the other provinces.

One of the comments in the CBC story linked above is funny:

Because it makes sense to do this, I am actually surprised it will be done.

Exactly. I’m waiting for some governmental agency to step in with a health concern, or some right-wing think tank to complain about how soft we’re being on lazy-ass hungry people.

[tags]pork farmers, pig cull, food banks[/tags]

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