Aw Come Aw Wry

Whilst taking a break from writing my term paper I put together a little CD for my dad. I’ll bring it to him when I’m back in Nova Scotia in a couple of weeks.

  1. Barry Louis Polisar . “All I Want Is You”
  2. Black Keys . “Keep Me”
  3. Phosphorescent . “Aw Come Aw Wry”
  4. Neko Case . “Poor Ellen Smith”
  5. Track A Tiger . “Sound As Ever”
  6. Pixies . “Here Comes Your Man”
  7. Long Winters . “Cinnamon”
  8. Cat Power . “Song To Bobby”
  9. Avett Brothers . “Go To Sleep”
  10. Great Lake Swimmers . “Put There By The Land”
  11. Arthur & Yu . “1000 Words”
  12. Carrie Biell . “Don’t You Blame Me”
  13. Tallest Man On Earth . “Walk The Line”
  14. Band Of Horses . “Lamb On The Lam”
  15. Bonnie Prince Billy . “Master And Everyone”
  16. Blue Mountain . “Banks Of The Pontchartrain”
  17. Jose Gonzalez . “Heartbeats”
  18. Camera Obscura . “Razzle Dazzle Rose”

As with CDs I’ve made for him before, I expect him to love some and hate others. The Pixies and Camera Obscura might be wishful thinking, I grant you, but he’ll dig the Barry Louis Polisar…which happens to be the title song from Juno, so he’ll be cool without even knowing it.

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