In which our hero regains an enjoyable bit of his life, post-MBA

Some friends and I played basketball tonight. It was my first time since…oh, since this happened. Actually, I did hurt my wrist again tonight…jammed it on somebody as he ran by. That’s all it is, though…jam or a minor sprain.

It felt good to play again, even if I was terribly out of sync & shape. Thankfully we all were.

One weird thing: in the schoolyard where we played there was this…I dunno, aerobics class or boot camp thing or something. Twenty girls doing push-ups and wind sprints and being barked at by some instructor while listening to the most horrible dance remixes of disco songs (surely the soundtrack in my personal hell), all right next to where we were playing ball. PC got a little distracted when they did stretches, but we persevered.

[tags]basketball, wrist injury[/tags]

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