My favourite albums of 2008

OK, I think I’ve now listened to all the music I need to make the call. Here are my ten favourite albums from 2008, in alphabetical order:

  • the constantines . kensington heights
  • dodos . visiter
  • frightened rabbit . the midnight organ fight
  • fucked up . the chemistry of common life
  • the kills . midnight boom
  • kings of leon . only by the night
  • mates of state . re-arrange us
  • marnie stern . this is it and i am it and you are it and so is that and he is it and she is it and it is it and that is that
  • this will destroy you . this will destroy you
  • the walkmen . you and me

If I had to pick a favourite from that pile I’d probably say either Mates of State or The Constantines, but nothing really stood out.

By the way, even though Vampire Weekend‘s album technically dropped in 2008, I heard all their stuff in 2007 so I didn’t include it here.

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