The 33 best songs of 2008

As my brother did (we were both supposed to do it the same day…or so he thought…it’s a long story) back in December, I’ve narrowed my list of favourite songs from 2008 down to 33. The number’s part of the long story, don’t ask.

I actually took a rough stab at ranking them too, though I’ll no doubt change my mind next week.

  1. Constantines . “Million Star Hotel”
  2. Frightened Rabbit . “Keep Yourself Warm”
  3. MGMT . “Time To Pretend”
  4. TV On The Radio . “Halfway Home”
  5. Santogold . “LES Artistes”
  6. Frightened Rabbit . “Floating in the Forth”
  7. Ladyhawk . “Ghost Blues”
  8. Walkmen . “In The New Year”
  9. Mates Of State . “Now”
  10. We Are Scientists . “After Hours”
  11. Death Cab For Cutie . “I Will Possess Your Heart”
  12. Rogue Wave . “Electro-Socket Blues”
  13. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead . “Festival Thyme”
  14. Rural Alberta Advantage . “Frank, AB”
  15. Cold War Kids . “Something Is Not Right WIth Me”
  16. Wolf Parade . “Soldier’s Grin”
  17. Fembots . “My Hands Are a City”
  18. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds . “We Call Upon The Author”
  19. This Will Destroy You . “The Mighty Rio Grande”
  20. Devotchka . “Along The Way”
  21. Vampire Weekend . “Ottoman”
  22. Wye Oak . “Warning”
  23. Lightspeed Champion . “Devil Tricks For A Bitch”
  24. Tricky . “Council Estate”
  25. Duke Spirit . “Send A Little Love Token”
  26. Fucked Up . “Son The Father”
  27. Ladytron . “I’m Not Scared”
  28. Kings Of Leon . “Notion”
  29. Marnie Stern . “Ruler”
  30. Bowerbirds . “Hooves”
  31. Raveonettes . “The Thief”
  32. Deus . “Oh Your God”
  33. Black Keys . “All You Ever Wanted”

The first time I heard that Constantines song I pulled it out of the playlist and listened to it on repeat. I couldn’t stop listening. It was never not my favourite song of the year.

0 thoughts on “The 33 best songs of 2008

  1. I had the same feeling about “Keep Yourself Warm”–it’s been my favorite song all years since I first heard The Midnight Organ Fight. I’m almost scared to look at the playcount to see how many times I’ve listened to it.

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