0 thoughts on “Give him something

  1. I discovered a good herbal cough syrup which really seems to work well. Its called NIN JIOM..naturally sources and alcohol free. I found it at the grocery store but this is Van…might be different in the Big Smoke.

    Get Well.

  2. The horse is already out of the barn this time, but maybe in future this will help: I’ve found in recent years that I can substantially cut down on the number of colds I get by (a) washing my hands more frequently and (b) being conscious of when my hands get near my face.

    You don’t have to become Howard Hughes-obsessive about washing away the germs, but a little more frequency is unlikely to hurt. It’s also easy to underestimate the number of times your hands come near your face in a day – thinking, scratching, holding head in despair – until you start paying attention to it; that’s the most common way for nasty cold bugs to get into your body.

    Can’t hurt.

  3. Update: almost better. No more coughing, no more sneezing, nose-blowing has wound down. But my throat is sore as shit. Just gotta get through this one last thing…

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