"Please Oskar…Be me, for a little while."

I heard a ton of buzz last year about Let The Right One In (imdb | rotten tomatoes), a Swedish movie about coming of age and, uh, vampires. I heard it referred to as the best (read: least ridiculous) vampire movie many had seen, and it was a sweet story about kids to boot, and it was also done with style. Given the near-unanimous praise it garnered (it rates a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes) there was more than a bit of outrage when it wasn’t even nominated for the best foreign language Oscar.

Even considering all the hype between the release date and when I finally watched it this morning, and the high expectations that come with it, I really liked this film. I saw one review on RT comparing it to Guillermo Del Toro’s The Devil’s Backbone, and I can definitely see that. It was horror, but not in the way we’ve come to know it in North America, full of laughable cliches, improbable setups and over-the-top violence. It was tension and fantasy in mundane, dreary and dreary circumstances…you know, life.

It was certainly the most unusual vampire movie I’ve seen. It was beautifully shot. It was creepy and touching and almost cute sometimes. Highly recommended.

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