The day's tweets

  • I find this even more depressing than it is hilarious: “Tanning bed use increases in recession” #
  • Neko Case is playing Massey Hall the same week I’m in Nova Scotia. Crapmonkey5000. #
  • The Cove won the audience award at #hotdocs09. Well deserved indeed. Go see it when it comes out in August. My review: #
  • Really, Jack? The Kool Haus? That’s where you’re bringing the Dead Weather? Just…no. #
  • One more reason to move to France: #
  • I’ve seen 42 of these. Guess I’d better get to work on the other 33 if I’m to retain my masculinity. #
  • I miss Anyone know of anything similar? #
  • As an impartial observer I want Washington to win tonight only because I want it to go the full seven games. What a series. #

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