Look at what Don Cherry hath wrought

Two nights ago I saw highlights of a disgusting play by Carolina forward Scott Walker. He punched Bruins defenceman Aaron Ward in the face, even though Ward hadn’t dropped his gloves and still had his hands by his sides. Here’s the video:

Almost as disgusting, though, was the NHL’s punishment. Walker wasn’t suspended, even for a game. He wasn’t even given the automatic 1-game suspension for taking an instigator penalty in the final five minutes of a game. That was rescinded. He was fined a token $2,500. The league’s explanation was that Ward could have defended himself but didn’t, and he could see the punch coming. Psychologists refer to this as blaming the victim.

Far be it from me to defend the Bruins — I hate them with a fiery passion, and want badly for Carolina to knock them out of the playoffs — but one thing they did masterfully well on their way to eliminating the Canadiens was not take penalties. The same discipline that should be an admirable trait for a team may have cost Aaron Ward his orbital bone.

I’ll never stop loving hockey, but with every incident like this my hatred for hockey’s so-called “fighting culture” grows. Nobody could look at this incident impartially and think it was anything but patently absurd.

0 thoughts on “Look at what Don Cherry hath wrought

  1. shut up. you shouldn’t watch hockey if u dont want to see fights u dumb pussy you probably are a queer tha lives in cali. where u would rather get a manicure than see a good fight anyways and i live in NC ur probably mad cause we ocked ur team off if u have one so u can just keep your mouth shut..

  2. Ooh, this’ll be interesting. You just know that any comment starting with “shut up” is rife with thought-provoking points.

    I’m not from California, actually, I’m from Canada. You know, the country who invented the game? We were playing hockey when you were still buying slaves. Speaking of slavery, I can see by that homophobia you’re wearing that tolerance in North Carolina has really flourished in recent centuries.


    Actually, that didn’t feel so good. Whoever posted that is clearly still a teenager, or maybe just below the IQ Mendoza line. I feel like a bully now. Sorry mr. maverick.

  3. Look at the bright side…there’s at least one passionate hockey fan in the US.

    Look at what Gary Betteman hath wrought :p

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