The day's tweets

  • @modernmod Actually, not long after I talked them up to you and @bankwatch I pretty much stopped using paper, including my Moleskines. in reply to modernmod #
  • “what we try to do in terms of…corporate social responsibility is do it in a good manner.” Um, how about SHUTTING DOWN?! #
  • RT @Timinator RT @leasimpson: Dear restaurants. I bloody hate it when your menu is only available to download. Please put them on web pages. #
  • Unpopular music opinion of the day: Odditorium Or The Warlords of Mars by The Dandy Warhols was/is very underrated. #
  • Cdn hockey fans: agree or disagree? For my part, I agree with Boone. TSN’s coverage blows CBC’s out of the water. #
  • @rshevlin That’s a pretty hilarious headline. I can’t wait for “Will these new shoelaces make Dustin Pedroia a better ball player?” #
  • @lisarandolph If “drizzle” is one of your favorite words, you’re in the right city. in reply to lisarandolph #
  • Bazillion cops at Yonge + Queen, and lots of helicopters about. Guess the Tamil protest is on the move. #
  • @Timinator After we’re there booooo. in reply to Timinator #
  • “Jesse Ventura offers to waterboard Dick Cheney to prove it’s torture.” I would pay a great deal to see that. Also… #
  • …also I would pay a great deal to see someone shave off Jesse Ventura’s skullet. #
  • @BlogTO’s list of the 24 best patios in the city has just 6 east of Spadina. I like how hipsters see downtown as a suburb. #
  • @rshevlin Shooting someone in the head isn’t torture so much as it’s murder. Why? What trap was that loaded question meant to lead me into? in reply to rshevlin #
  • Wow. This game 7 between the Pens and Caps was over early. Hope tomorrow night’s games are tighter. Let’s see how the Jays are…aw, crap. #
  • @rshevlin First: proposing we morally equate shooting armed hostage-taking pirates with torturing unarmed prisoners beggars belief. in reply to rshevlin #
  • @rshevlin Second: Jesse Ventura isn’t my buddy. He’s a loon. I’m just saying it would be awesome to see The Body waterboard The Cyborg. #
  • @rshevlin Just re-read comment. Missed “Ordered”, was laughing too hard. So yes, Obama ordered it. #
  • @rshevlin As are the disingenuousness of yours. Nobody wants to really torture Cheney, but maybe if he got a simulation… in reply to rshevlin #
  • @rshevlin …like Hitchens got, he’d stop talking shit about how it’s not really torture. #
  • @rshevlin “so its not ok to torture a terrorist …but its ok to torture the former vp” either SERIOUSLY assumes that I would advocate… in reply to rshevlin #
  • @rshevlin …for torture when it was obviously a joking tweet, or you’re making a false comparison. #
  • Can hardly put down this book about Columbine. Illuminating. #

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