The day's tweets

  • Poor @modernmod ‘s had his Twitter account hacked. Or he’s gone mad. #
  • When did “talk about” become “speak to”? As in, “Yeah , I can speak to that topic.” Drives me nuts. #
  • @gajarga I would have argued that making “action” into a verb in place of “do” was the height of verbal douchebaggery. in reply to gajarga #
  • Going to see Christopher Hitchens lecture at the ROM in June. #
  • Who cuts their fingernails at their desk?!? #
  • @twitter The ID @modernmod has been hacked and the hacker is posting really offensive stuff. How can the owner reclaim access? #
  • People often mistake my introversion for misanthropy. But today? Dan = full-on misanthrope. Look upon me, ye mighty, and get grumbled at. #
  • @Timinator Sahara Hotnights: nice. in reply to Timinator #
  • @modernmod Welcome back. I look forward to you tweeting only mildly offensive things once again. #
  • @tinfoiling Innis & Gunn blonde! Oh, I do so love the springtime… #
  • Roy Halladay is a monster. Doff that, A.J. #

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