The day's tweets

  • It’s been eleven years since the Seinfeld finale? Good lord. #
  • silversun pickups = smashing pumpkins + jeremy enigk – interesting drumming, with just a touch of sissypantsedness thrown in. #
  • @mblogler Me either. The wife reminded me last night. I’m hoping to forget again until tomorrow evening and then be REALLY excited. in reply to mblogler #
  • There’s adaptation. And then there’s whaaaaaa? #
  • @mblogler That review contains the words “artery-clogging puissance”, which I have decided shall be the name of my autobiography. in reply to mblogler #
  • Just received an invitation to a reunion of my high school graduating class. They misspelled “graduating”, so yeah, that’s the right school. #
  • @mmpartee Gives new meaning to the rhythm method! Nyuk! Neil Peart FTW! in reply to mmpartee #
  • @Timinator I run to Yeah (stupid version) in reply to Timinator #
  • If it weren’t so windy I would be applying for landed immigrant status on a patio right now. #
  • A Don Cherry biopic. Are. You. Shitting. Me. #
  • The comments on the Globe and Mail’s website depress me. #

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