The day's tweets

  • I love that “He Needs A Kidney” from last night’s 30 Rock is available on iTunes. #
  • @mmpartee Are you sure you didn’t get magically transported into a Disney movie? Will we see Credit Union Musical in theatres next year? in reply to mmpartee #
  • Very excited that we’re getting scramble crossings at both Yonge/Bloor and Bay/Bloor. #
  • @gajarga The least they could do is play some non-sucking Sinead like “Troy” or “Fire On Babylon.” in reply to gajarga #
  • Phew, what a day. Bugging out for home now. Picking up some Innis & Gunn on the way. #
  • Monster lines at the LCBO. Why did I wait so late in the day? #danfail #

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