Exeunt Dickinsons

Sadly, our vacation has (more or less) come to an end. We had a great send-off last night, dinner down the road at Saffron. Great food, wonderful decor and excellent service. We packed, crashed and slept the sleep of happy travelers.

In the morning we drove down to San Francisco, an unremarkable trip except that we saw a fog bank creep in over Sausalito like the fingers of a giant hand. We drove right into it, which made our second drive across the Golden Gate bridge somewhat less scenic than the first. Without too much difficulty we reached SFO, had a nasty burger and some Anchor Steam, and prepared to board our flight.

When all is said and done this will likely go down as one of our best trips, but right now all we want to do is get home, relax a little and sleep in our own bed.

Bye California!!!

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