Voting with my wallet

Back in August I had one of the most frustrating customer experiences of my life. I won’t get into the great gory details, but suffice it to say Rogers really, really pissed me off. I told the unhelpful phone rep who spoke to me that I’d be canceling my (rather substantial) cable services in protest. He said he could do nothing. The folks manning Rogers’ Twitter account tried to help, and did solve one of the problems, but not enough to save my business. My white-hot rage had cooled to regular old anger, but I wasn’t staying with them after how they treated me. A few weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger.

So, as I sit here typing this, I’m watching the Montreal game in the corner of my monitor, piped through Bell’s new Fibe TV. Nellie’s in the other room playing with the new PVR, which uses the same interface as Windows Media Center. It’s all pretty slick and it looks great, so…so far so good. Meanwhile, I’ve just called Rogers and explained to them that I’m canceling my service…this agent seemed horrified that I’m leaving after thirteen years with Rogers, especially when I pointed her to the history of that conversation in their CRM system.

Of course, even though they’ll shut off my service in 72 hours, they’re still going to charge me for a full 30 days. Just because they’re douches. And so, one final time: eat a dick, Rogers.

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