I have now reached #34 out of 50 on the Project FiftyBrew list, after drinking a Dieu Du Ciel Équinoxe Du Printemps and a Tree Hophead IPA last weekend, and a Wellington County Ale just now.

I’m definitely going to hit a wall soon though. Volo has another four on the list, the LCBO has two more and there’s one (the Garrison Imperial IPA) in my fridge, but after that…it gets sketchy. Two are Dieu du Ciel beers that I never see anywhere and five more are Unibroue that are rarely if ever in Toronto. The other two are from Garrison (no problem, I’m on the east coast all the time) and the Wellington Imperial IPA, which I’m sure will rotate into local taps now that the weather’s turned cold. Both those seven from Quebec could be problematic.

Road trip to Montreal, anyone?

6 thoughts on “2/3

  1. This may seem strange, but what are the 5 unibroue you are missing, I can actually get a bunch of them in Cincinnati (actually up the street at my local IGA, as well as in an awesome liquor store in Kentucky). Still think we will be up in TO in late Nov for US Thanksgiving.

  2. Wait figured out the list is up to date. Think I could bring you La Terrible and Ephemere if you are interested (doesn’t seem Party Source has the other 3…)

  3. You think a Canadian politician is going to scare me? I lived through 5 years of Dick Cheney running the country I live in. Besides, is he worse than mega mayor Mel?

  4. Dan,

    Update, went to Party Source, was able to get 3 of the Unibroue’s (Terrible, Ephemere (the apple one) and Quelque Chose. The Ephemere is a 4 pack, the other two are individual 750ml bottles. Will deliver when I’m up there.

    Hoping to bring you to 80%


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