Cover photo by Swire, used under Creative Commons license

But…but we want two pizzas

In between working, watching March Madness, and picking up some art this weekend, we’ve tried some decent new(ish) food joints.

First, after a stop at Bellwoods and before visiting Telegramme yesterday, we had lunch at Beer & Quality Meats. Honestly, I have no idea how I haven’t tried this place yet with a name like that. Anyway, we had burgers: the Hawaiian (pineapple, smoky chipotle aioli, jalapeno, mozzarella, bacon) for me and sliders doused in Sriracha for Nellie. They have a solid beer selection too; Nellie had a Steam Whistle while I had a can of Nickel Brook Headstock IPA.

Today, before really locking in with my laptop, we walked down the street to the brand new One Pizza. It’s one of the new breed of ‘good food, but fast’ restaurants popping up, like b.good around the corner. It keeps things simple: all pizzas are one size, and one price. Pick your toppings and it’s ready in 3 minutes. Nellie and I each designed our own (she: salami & muchrooms; me: chorizo and rapini; both: olive oil and basil) and each got a pint of Beau’s (she: lugtread; me: Tom Green milk stout). They also have Vineland Estates wine on tap.

The pizzas were damn good. The crust was perfectly thin but soft. The toppings were fresh…really fresh, like the tomato sauce actually tasted weird because I’m not used to tomato sauce tasting fresh on pizzas. The sausage, the basil, the oil…there was plenty of flavour without it tasting artificial. I’m guess that’s what we paid for…though, $40 tax in for two pizzas and two draft beers is fine by me if it all tastes like that.

We couldn’t quite finish our pizzas so we brought half of it home; maybe for dinner we could kill one each, but the next time time we go back for lunch it would be enough to split one. Assuming we could ever settle on the same ingredients, of course.


Cover photo by Swire, used under Creative Commons license

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