Snails: speedier than I thought

Last night was an interesting time. We met a couple of Nellie’s friends (one of whom is a dead ringer for Jennifer Westfeldt) at Duke’s Refresher to play some bar trivia. Well, I was also there to drink some beer and watch game 6 of the NBA finals. Side note: Andre Iguodala was the MVP? Really?

Anyway, this wasn’t the hardcore trivia league type thing. It was just some dude behind the bar asking random questions. No weekly leaderboard, no rules (except: no phones), no official scoring…just plain old trivia.

We won the first round of twenty questions (despite my guess at how long it would take a snail to circumnavigate the earth being off by a factor of 5) for which we received $30 off our food order. We were very close to winning the second round as well, but my lack of knowledge of top 40 pop hurt us.

Casual trivia, nice people, decent beer, and it’s on our way home. I can see this becoming a regular thing.

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