Session VI

The 2015 version of Session craft beer fest (the sixth, by our count) went down yesterday, once again at Yonge Dundas Square. It was a perfect day: sunny, not too hot, full of beer and friends.

We met up with Adam & Alicia, did a reconnaissance mission, and then got started. Along the way we bumped into Steph & Jeff, and I even came across an old friend from the MBA program.

I ended up sampling 14 beers…well, 13 different ones, and went back for seconds on the last one.

  1. Silversmith “Breakfast” Wheat
  2. Whitewater “Class V: No Turning Back” IPA
  3. Wellington Rhubarb Saison
  4. Sawdust City “Until Tomorrow Ingrid” Barrel-aged Cranberry Saison
  5. Stack “Panache” Cedar-Aged Pale Ale
  6. Side Launch “Syrah Vice” Tawse Barrel Aged Wheat (collab w/ Toronto Roller Derby Team)
  7. Innocente “Waterloo 1815” Rye Saison (collab w/ Jordan St. John)
  8. Sawdust City “Limberlost” Saison w/ foraged wood sorrel (collab w/ Johnny Fay from The Tragically Hip)
  9. Big Rig “Release The Hounds” Black IPA
  10. Red Hook “Audible” Ale
  11. Bell City “Round Trip” Cherry Brown Ale (collab w/ Scott Wilson from Departures)
  12. 3 Brasseurs “Cool Beans” Coffee Porter (collab w/ Raina from Indie88)
  13. Flying Monkeys “Russian With Love” Imperial Stout
  14. Flying Monkeys “Russian With Love” Imperial Stout

I’d had the Silversmith and Wellington before, but of the new ones I tried my favourites were the Side Launch, the Sawdust City cranberry saison, and (surprisingly; their beer is usually rubbish) the 3 Brasseurs.

Rounds of beer were punctuated by food (a pork belly taco from Tilde; bacon on a stick from Bacon Nation), K-OS inexplicably singing “I Just Called To Say I Love You” from the main stage, the mega-hammered dudes from Sawdust City singing “O Canada” and demanding that we high-five each other, and a good-but-bad ska band who played every Sublime song ever put to tape.

11110801_10153895811574409_4176493581518867951_n 11389998_10153895687804409_5892703715831451136_n IMG_20150613_184408 IMG_20150613_204354

We ended the night at Triple A, devouring ribs and nachos and brisket. Actually, I guess we ended it at our place, drinking Bowmore. Technicalities.

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