Food poisoning

Well, that was not my favourite week. First, the back injury. Then Chris Cornell died. Then, around 4 on Friday, I started feeling nauseous. Then really nauseous. By the time I got home I knew something was wrong. Shortly after that I threw up. A lot. An hour later I threw up again. A LOT. I haven’t thrown up that much since I was a kid, probably. Like, it came out of my nose.

Anyway, it’s been a shaky weekend. I spent nearly all of Saturday in bed. I tried to get back to life on Sunday, but by mid-afternoon suffered a setback and was shaking uncontrollably on the couch. Anyway, that passed, and I started eating solid food again, and got a full night’s sleep. Today I’m feeling a little better, but still not 100%. Took a lot out of me, this bug.


Cover photo by Murray Williams, used under Creative Commons license

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