Cover photo by B Smith, used under Creative Commons license

Warm & Dry

As I write this Lindsay and I are tucked snugly into our loft, waiting out the cold (for Toronto) snap, thankful we’re not dealing with the same cleanup as our family back east. We have leftovers and meat pies and snacks, so our plan is to do some work and stuff and then finish the new season of Black Mirror, which sounds like a pretty damn good Saturday by any measure.

Apart from a brief visit to work yesterday I’ve taken the remainder of this week off, focusing on doing and fixing things around the loft. Even though we moved in 8 months ago I still have books and glasses in boxes, and have been meaning to fix some busted things for ages. I finally tackled some nagging issues over the past few days (medicine cabinet hinge whoo!) and now feel a little less useless around the home than before.

We’re also trying something new in January: easing back a bit on the booze consumption. It’s not a new year’s resolution — I’m already storing beer and choosing wine for February — so much as just slowing down what had become almost reflexive drinking. The small glasses of wine we had at the Halifax airport before our flight home were our last of January. We haven’t decided whether we’re going to aim for cold turkey (save social events we already have on the calendar) or just limit ourselves to a certain amount on weekends, but it seems a worthwhile venture. At the very least, our bank accounts and waistlines should benefit.


Cover photo by B Smith, used under Creative Commons license


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