Cover photo from The Broadview Hotel's website

The Civic

Last night Lindsay and I had a going-away dinner before her short excursion to Montreal, and we had it at the newest restaurant inside the Broadview Hotel: The Civic. Cool vibe in that place…fancy, but relaxed. Feels old, but modern at the same time, just like the menu. We had:

  • cocktails to start, including a Monty-Python-and-the-Holy-Grail-themed one for Lindsay
  • half a dozen PEI oysters
  • red deer tartare w/ shallot, caper berry, house prepared mustard seeds, juniper, black licorice
  • beef for our mains, a Black Angus 14oz ribeye for me and an 8oz PEI grass fed tenderloin for Lindsay, covered in house-made chimichurri, accompanied by roasted heirloom carrots w/ caraway cream
  • we paired all this with an Argentinian Malbec that I can’t quite recall
  • dessert was a shared piece of lemon pie

There were so many things on the menu we can’t wait to try. I’m wondering how long it’ll take us to visit once Lindsay’s back in town.


Cover photo from The Broadview Hotel’s website


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