Cover photo from the Burdock site

Back to the lake

Dinner last night (after a quick stop at Chez Nous) was at Lake Inez. As with our previous visits, the food and beer were outstanding.

In our eatholes:

  • honey garlic adobo wings w/ sesame seeds and chillies
  • BC salmon confit w/ yuzu vinaigrette, beet puree, pickled beets & carrots, and crispy salmon skin
  • spicy charred Brussels sprouts w/ chili jam, oyster sauce, lime, and crispy anchovies
  • market fish curry, grilled over Japanese charcoal in Thai-style curry w/ zucchini savoy cabbage, cilantro, and peanuts

In our drinkholes:

  • Burdock Leela (grape ale aged on Cabernet Franc skins from Pearl Morissette)
  • Burdock Auko (Sour Dark Ale aged a year in Cabernet Franc barrels with raspberries, sour cherries and Cab Franc skins)
  • Bellwoods blood orange Jelly King
  • Blood Brothers spiced cherry Paradise Lost

The salmon, Brussels sprouts, and fish curry were all killer, and the Auko is one of the best beers I’ve had in quite a while.

Also, as with our previous meals there, dinner cost about $60 less than I would have expected. Always a nice bonus when the food’s that good.


Cover photo from the Burdock site

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