Cover photo by Fio, used under Creative Commons license

It *HAD* been a fun weekend

…right up until I got sick.

On Thursday I showed no signs of catching what had laid half my office low, so we visited Chez Nous for a Cabernet Franc flight (attention proprietors: if you ever want to entice me to visit your establishment, put on a Cab Franc flight) and a cheese board and more wine, and then went to La Carnita for tacos and beer.

On Friday I started to feel sickness looming, but managed to catch up over beers with my friend Bina at the new-ish Craft Beer Market downtown. It’s a huge place, with a distinctly less douche-y vibe than King Taps. Our snacks were tasty, and while there wasn’t an enormous amount of stuff I wanted to try among their vast tap list, they did have the Calabogie Brown Cow Milk Stout, which is freaking outstanding.

Side note: I also got the Dieu du Ciel Aphrodite there, and for the second time in a row (my recent visit to Wvrst being the other) it tasted off. Not the perfect beer I’ve loved for so long, but really bitter and astringent. At Wvrst I chalked it up to a bad batch, but two glasses two weeks apart? Also, there’s all kinds of speculation that Craft can’t possibly keep all those draft lines clean, but Wvrst cleans theirs religiously, so…not sure what’s going on, but I’m really hoping it’s a temporary issue.

Anyway, Saturday didn’t amount to much as I felt like ass. We just sipped coffee and started watching Altered Carbon (and cursed our luck that season 2 of The Good Place isn’t on Netflix yet) and got groceries and finally ordered food. Lindsay drank wine while I watched, hence my choice of bottles.


Cover photo by Fio, used under Creative Commons license

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