Old Old Fashioned

Yesterday might be one of my very favourite days.

Lindsay got home very late the night before, so we slept in a bit. Eventually we got up and had brunch at Lil’ Baci. It was Baci’s last day of operation (in its current form, anyway) and it’d been kind of an important place for us. It’s the first place we ate brunch together, and yesterday we actually happened to sit at the same table. It was also our regular brunch spot when we eventually moved into the neighbourhood. Bye, Baci.

After lunch we were sleepy and needed a nap and discovered that Google Home can play ambient sounds like waves crashing and we had the nicest little power nap.

Eventually we needed some more food, so to power up and get in the Olympic spirit, we picked up a little Kaboom Korean fried chicken and kimchi fries.

In the evening we joined our friends Mike and Heather for a concert, preceded by a visit to Birreria Volo. The second incarnation of my old favourite beer spot Bar Volo, I’d somehow never been to this new one. Well, actually, it wasn’t that much of a mystery: I basically never find myself on College west. Anyway, maybe I should — the beer selection was predictably excellent (I had a Collective Arts dry hop sour, a Shacklands/Volo Mezza Note espresso milk stout, and a Rouge River Never Say Never Russian Imperial stout aged in Jack Daniels barrels) and so was the vibe.

Anyway, the concert: we were in that neighbourhood to see Frightened Rabbit. Mike and Heather have seen them many times; I hadn’t seem them since 2009, when they were touring their breakout album The Midnight Organ Fight. That same album is what brought us out last night — they’re playing the whole thing. After a few other songs they launched into it, and it holds up so well, especially live. Unfortunately the Mod Club was a sweaty box of hot, and there were so many rude assholes around us…some woman was practically standing on Lindsay, and some drunk couple behind me spent the last half half a dozen songs slow dancing / grinding / falling over on me. It kind of took me out of the moment for songs like “Keep Yourself Warm”, “Poke”, and “Floating In The Forth”. We left Mike and Heather to enjoy the encore, and found cool air = our sanity outdoors.



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