It’s Lindsay’s last weekend in TO for a while, and we had a minor celebration to mark, so last night we grabbed a table at Jacobs & Co. and had a predictably phenomenal meal.

We started with half a dozen oysters, their house white cheddar popovers, and the classic Caesar’s salad. All of this went with a bottle of Taittinger Prelude we’d brought back from Champagne with us.

For our mains we took our usual tack, splitting a large steak — a bone-in Striploin from Guelph, aged 45 days — and a 4oz A5 Black Tajima Wagyu California cut striploin. This we had with onions braised in Armagnac and butter, rapini in anchovy butter and chili flakes, and a 2008 Catena Zapata Nicolas Bordeaux blend I’ve been saving for a while.

Finally, for dessert, the last splurge: cheese (Chateau de Bourgogne; Mimolette; Lindsay cloth bound goat cheddar; Porto Blue), a 1973 Madeira for Lindsay, and a 1929 (!) Don PX for me. UN. REAL.

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