Cover image from the (unrelated) Byblos Bakery site


Brother #1 was in town this week, and we had an opportunity to catch up last night over dinner. After Lindsay and I had a drink at Nota Bene we joined him at Byblos. Here’s what we ate:


  • lamb ribs w/ dukkah + buttermilk sauce + carob molasses + red chili schug
  • spanish octopus w/ fingerling potato + biber chili vinaigrette + preserved lemon
  • tickle bread (inside joke — it was really bread with house-made labneh)


  • short rib kebab w/ chemen + truffle tatziki + pine nut dukkah + oregano
  • grilled whole branzino w/ chermoula + saffron toum + watercress
  • crispy confit duck rice w/ barberries + date molasses + almonds + crispy garlic gremolata


  • hazelnut chocolate mousse w/ sweet cream + katafi + coffee molasses + chocolate caramel tuile
  • pavlova w/ sumac & strawberry sorbet + white chocolate + milk crumble + sous vide strawberry
  • burnt honey ice cream

Delicious, as usual. I think the brother left suitably impressed, and full.


Cover image from the (unrelated) Byblos Bakery site

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