Cinco de Mayo

We had a fun little Cinco de Mayo treat yesterday: while sleepily watching episode one of Wormwood a friend of Lindsay’s, who was catching a connecting flight through Pearson, called to say her flight home had been delayed and she wanted to come hang out. Another friend of theirs from out of town picked her up and drove to our place, where we had a bit of breakfast and a little Kew blanc de blancs (it was after 11; I checked), and eventually went to La Carnita for some tacos and (free!) churros and terrific Bellwoods sours. After lunch we drank some iced coffee from Boxcar so we didn’t enter taco comas, then stopped back at Sweet Jesus for some thank-god-it’s-finally-summer ice cream.

After they left we tried to watch episode two but conked out for a nap, then finished the ep. After some relaxing and milling about we decided to go to The Civic for dinner. Bit of an impromptu fancy meal, but that was what we were feeling. We had:

  • a dozen oysters (we only ordered a half dozen but hey, they showed up!)
    • glasses of Cava
  • red deer tartare w/ shallot, caper berry, house-prepared mustard seeds, juniper, and black licorice
    • glasses of California cab sauv
  • Hokkaido scallops w/ arancini, rapini, burnt onion, brown butter, spring pea purée (Lindsay)
  • 20oz Tamshire pork T-bone, green beans w/ mint + almond (Dan)
    • bottle of 2009 Domaine Belleville Rully Blanc
  • Two cheeses
    • glasses of 20 year old Tawny Port

Mmmm, good. Good Cinco de Mayo.

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