Fine, I’ll stay away

A few weeks ago I was in Montreal for work*, and bought a last-minute ticket for the Canadiens-Stars game. In keeping with my tradition, the Canadiens lost. I’ve seen four games in Montreal in my life, and they’ve lost all four.

Last night, after a couple beers and a quick bite at Beerbistro, Lindsay and I went to the Raptors game against New Orleans. The Raps were 11-1; the Pelicans 6-6. The Raptors hadn’t lost at home all year. But last night the Raps stunk the joint up and lost.

So fine. I won’t go to any more games. I know curses are ridiculous, but more to the point: paying hundreds of dollars to watch a loss is a bigger negative for me than seeing them win live is a positive, so it just makes good sense.

Still: grump.

* I also hit old coffee favourites Différance and Crew Collective, and tried La Finca for the first time. Beer-wise I only had time to hit Brutopia on my way to the game.

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