Ex xmas 2018

We got back last night from Nova Scotia, having spent two weeks there over the holidays. We shuttled back and forth between Bedford and West Brook, and into Halifax a few times to see family.

We saw some deer. We had a very efficient afternoon of Christmas shopping. We watched most of Killing Eve in one day. We tried a new (to us) coffee place called The Nook. We drank nog. We caught up with Tess & Kealin (Lindsay had dinner with them at Lot Six). We opened many amazing gifts, and had a lovely turkey dinner at Lindsay’s grandmother’s place on what turned out to be, briefly, a white Christmas. We had a Dickinson family reunion in Halifax, followed by a party near St. Margaret’s Bay. We did great amounts of relaxing, eating, and playing crib at the farm. We scratched dogs. We bought my parents a new coffee maker and relived our youth at Pizza Delight. We observed the assembly of a Lego First Order walker. We had a quiet New Year’s Eve in as Lindsay had been fighting a cold the whole time. (Still is.) We had a very hairy ride to the airport and got hit with some baggage weight overage fees, but then a nice lady pulled us out of the huge security line and sped us through and we’re still not sure why. We drank lovely wine at Vino Volo. We had some flight delays, but still made it home in time to relax, order some food, and coo at Kramer before crashing very hard into our own bed.

We’re taking today off work to slowly ease back into reality, but it seems to be coming at us faster than we might like.

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