Cover photo by Chris Walts, used under Creative Commons license

“These violent delights have violent ends.”

I’ve been sick pretty much off and on since we got back, and have therefore plopped myself in front of the TV whilst sneezing and coughing and moaning and, occasionally, resting. It has meant that I’ve watched quite a few good shows though, some new and some catch-ups we’ve been meaning to do for some time.

Collateral (imdb) was a neat little British cop/political thriller starring Carey Mulligan. Four episodes, boom, done. Boom, excellent.

Of a similar cop/political ilk but double the length, Bodyguard (imdb) was recommended to me and I killed most of it in two days of utter exhaustion. Much more intricate than I was expecting , and it was weird to see Robb Stark as a modern-day police sergeant, but there we go.

After years of putting it off we finally got around to watching Westworld (imdb) and frankly I’m sad we waited so long. It can get pulpy and ridiculous, but it’s also so intricate and layered and raises such interesting questions about morality and the difference between life and code. The end of season 1 was so stunning we immediately jumped into season 2.


Cover photo by Chris Walts, used under Creative Commons license

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