Also: for this shit

Wow. Last night reminded me that I am, in fact, an old man.

First, an always-stellar pastrami sandwich from White Lily (along with two new-to-me Godspeed beers, the Oberkassel Altbier and the Ochame Green Tea IPA) before I left Lindsay with Maeg and Brit to consume some sparkling Ontario chardonnay and catch up. I rejoined them later at Boxcar Social where we had beer flights. I had samples of Sawdust City Hygge, Bench Folklore Dark Sour on Twenty Valley Cherries, and Blood Brothers Unify or Die before getting a glass of Dieu du Ciel! Péché Mortel on nitro, which was just the creamiest treat ever.

We closed the place, then got snacks and watched TV until 3am, as if I’m not far too old to do that. So I’m a liiiiiiittle tired today, but I shall persevere just as soon as I pour this decanter of coffee down my neck.

In conclusion: Ow. *Snore*

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