“If I tell you what happens, it won’t happen.”

We had a bit of a day yesterday. After a nice lazy morning of movie-watching, we set out for…uh, more movie watching. But a movie this epic deserves more of a day plan.

So yeah, we saw Avengers: Endgame (imdb | rotten tomatoes), like most of the rest of the earth’s population, apparently. First, though, we had lunch at Peter Pan Bistro, which Lindsay knew well but somehow I’d never tried. It was still brunch — barely — so I had the scrambled eggs & lox while Linds had the shakshuka. We were then just enjoying our cocktails when lo and behold, an order of fresh baked Madelaines w/ lavender lemon curd shows up, courtesy of an acquaintance of Lindsay’s who also works there. How sweet. (Delicious too, obviously.)

So, then, the movie: it was as good as I expected, but also more than I expected. By which I mean, they somehow managed to pull together even more threads than I expected. I won’t say much in case you’re like me and struggled to find time to see it, but it was pretty satisfying as a MCU fan.

After the movie (and a quick, awkward drink at the Hilton’s Tundra bar) we walked to our reservation at Momofuku Kojin. It’s been high on my wishlist since before Toronto Life named it their best new restaurant in the city. And when Lindsay said earlier this week she was craving steak, I saw an opportunity, and lucked into an open table. Here’s what we ate:

  • NB & PEI oysters w/ cucumber & green hot sauces
  • Griddled corn flatbread made from local K2 Mills cornmeal & hominy, paired with Drew’s grass fed butter & spiced honey
    • glasses of Baud Crémant du Jura
  • 14oz boneless ribeye, dry-aged minimum 32 days (Lindsay had shaved foie gras added to hers)
  • Tita’s mash (whipped cheese curds and potatoes topped with crispy Gouda)
  • Crispy Brussels sprouts
    • Ridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Ice cream pie made with chocolate, peanut butter, and maple
    • cappuccino

Everything was amazing. The steak was perfect, the sides were delicious, and that corn flatbread with the butter and honey almost melted my brain.


Cover photo from the Momofuku Kojin site

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