Chateau Musar

Last night, after a quick drink at Boxcar Social with CBJ, I met Lindsay at The Civic. We hadn’t been back since they switched up their chef, and I was anxious to try it. We demolished the following:

  • bread & butter
  • lightly cooked scallops w/ cauliflower, raisin, sherry vinaigrette
    • glasses of champagne
  • Perth Farms pork chop w/ potato pavé, savoy cabbage, king oyster, sage jus (Dan)
  • grass fed dry aged ribeye w/ savory bread pudding, charred rapini, shallot (Lindsay)

The sommelier picked that bottle, but I’d been eyeing it already. That winery was featured in a book Lindsay got me a while back called Around The World In Eighty Wines (amazon). In it the author talks about Serge Hochar, son of the original winery owner, who produced vintage after vintage even in the face of war and violence in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. So it was a draw of curiosity for me, but ended up being a goddamn delicious bottle of wine in its own right. Tons of fruit, strong spice. A special wine for sure. Made the dinner, really.

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