Cover photo from the Bodega Henriette site

Henriette Cluny

Thursday night we decided to try a few new places, starting with cocktails at Bodega Henriette on King where I had a Blood Brothers Guilty Remnant White Chocolate White Stout and a Christmas-themed cocktail called Who Pudding.

After that it was on to the Distillery District, and Cluny Bistro. We loved our meal, but we left far too stuffed:

  • oysters
    • glasses of Champagne
  • crisp sesame-crusted asparagus w/ spicy yogurt dipping sauce
  • table side beef tartare w/ crisp cluny baguette
  • grilled monkfish w/ berbère spice, israeli couscous, marcona almond, citrus & fermented chili (Dan)
  • oven roasted miso glazed sablefish w/ späetzle d’alsace, scallop consommé, preserved lemon, sweet peas (Lindsay)
  • fried fingerling potatoes w/ tallow aioli
    • bottle of Hidden Bench Chardonnay, on spesh

The next morning we both felt sick and feared food poisoning, but it turns out I/we might just have a mild flu. I spent yesterday trying to work and all last night watching Mr. Robot on the couch. 😐


Cover photo from the Bodega Henriette site

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