“Tell me you did not just reference Home Alone.”

Yesterday, in the throes of whatever illness this is, we managed to do some useful things (like re-arranging all the books and filling the new bookcase) and some lazy things, like watch some movies (both) and sports (me!).

Both movies were excellent too, starting with American Factory (imdb | rotten tomatoes), a Netflix documentary about a GM plant in Dayton, OH which had been shuttered, then acquired by a Chinese company to make glass. Economics, cultural differences (and similarities), labour relations, politics…what a great documentary.

Switching gears entirely, Us (imdb | rotten tomatoes) was Jordan Peele’s second directorial effort, and I might have liked it even more than Get Out. It was both creepier and funnier and a more subtle allegory.

Oh, and I also re-watched season 2 and then watched season 3 of Mr. Robot (imdb | rotten tomatoes) in this sickie-days.

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