COVID-19: Part the Ninth

In a lighter timeline than this one I’d be getting ready to fly to London right now. I was meant to speak at a conference at a venue in Westminster. When I got there I’d probably drop my bags and go for a walk around St. James Park. (It’s 23˚ in London as I write this, versus -1˚ here.) Maybe get a coffee at Rag & Bone, or a pint at CASK. But I’m not headed to London, because we’re in the darkest timeline. (Can you tell I’ve finally decided to watch Community all the way through?)

Still, it was a pretty okay week overall. First and foremost, everyone’s still healthy. I took a day off Wednesday, which felt great. My brother celebrated a milestone birthday yesterday. We have plenty of delicious food. Lindsay’s made huge strides with Kramer and has been able to pet him a little, even if he did turn and scratch her pretty hard yesterday.

I mentioned the Peloton bike last time. My worry is that I’d grow tired of it inside of a week, but I’m still really enjoying it. I might have jumped ahead in my ride difficulty a little too quickly, but I’ve reined myself in and can already see/feel progress.

I’ve been trying to keep up with all the great new music coming out, like the new Grimes (very good, and certainly better than her baby names), the new Porridge Radio (excellent) and the new Fiona Apple (brilliant). In and around the afore-mentioned Community I blazed through Unbelievable (imdb | rotten tomatoes), which was hard to watch in the best/right ways and also elevated by Toni Collette, Kaitlyn Dever, and Merritt Wever.

Other than that: LOTS of food & booze deliveries. I might have gone / be going a little overboard.

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