COVID-19: Part the Tenth

I should just be getting back from London today. Back, with my brain full of whatever was at the Tate Modern, and my belly full of Hawksmoor steak. But I’m here, and we’re here, and that Hawksmoor money is going to support front-line workers instead, because the worst thing I have to deal with is not going to London.

This week was somewhere between hard and monotonous. I’ve been using the Calm app a lot to help me de-stress; work gave us all a free subscription, which is nice. Lindsay’s creating some very delicious sourdough. I’ve been enjoying The Last Dance, the Michael Jordan documentary on Netflix. Things are slowly re-opening in Ontario. The weather’s finally turning nicer. I dunno though. I just can’t shake a shaggy gray feeling over the whole thing. So, yeah. Not the best week.

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