Everything be broken

The recent radio silence is due to a couple of things:

  1. Our den (aka, the BlogCave*) is being painted and my computer is piled in the middle of the room under a tarp. Because of my broken wrist I’m trying to avoid shlepping my laptop home at night, which means I’m forced to use Nellie’s laptop now, and I’m trying not to hog it too much.
  2. The TIFF bible came out yesterday, so I spent most of the night going through to see which films catch my eye, even though I can’t go to any this year. This essentially becomes half of my wishlist for the upcoming few years. After two hours I was only halfway through the book so I have another night’s work ahead of me yet. There’s no rush, really; I’d just much rather read about movies than study.


It occurred to me this morning that I am not at all prepared for my trip in a couple of weeks. I’m not talking prepared-but-not-up-to-my-usual-clinical-standards. I mean I’m not ready at all. I should get on that.

* note: I don’t really call it that. But I might, starting right now.

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0 thoughts on “Everything be broken

  1. Well, even though I have the same basic itinerary as you I am glad you have not been too detailed as of yet. I have decided not to view too many of the flickr picture links you sent me of the area as I want it to be fresh and surprising. That being said I am glancing at the Frommer’s guide I bought here and there when I get a moment to at least get some ideas/thoughts.

  2. Well, I think the trip itself is pretty well planned…I just haven’t thought about what I need to bring, or what needs to be done before I go, or anything like that. And since I’m on course the entire week before we leave, it’s not as if I have a ton of time left.

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