The county

In keeping with our recent tendency to only visit wine regions we took today off and drove east to Prince Edward County. Friends of ours had visited and liked the laid-back feel, so we made some reservations, picked some wineries to visit and got underway.

Today we visited Huff Estates, Keint-He, Rosehall Run, Casa-Dea, Norman Hardie and Sandbanks. All told we cam away with 13 bottles, at least two from each, but Keint-He and Norman Hardie were far and away our favourites.

We also had two very good meals: a nice little lunch at the Bloomfield Carriage House, and an exceptional dinner at East and Main. My duck, and Nellie’s pasta, were spectacular, especially since they were paired with a bottle of Norm Hardie’s County Pinot Noir. And the beautiful finishing touch: the restaurant is literally across the street from our hotel, the Newsroom Suites. The place is hard to describe, really…it’s a 4-room suite above the local newspaper office, and when the newspaper stops operations for the day we’re left all alone in the building. Weird, but quaint, and the suite itself is really quite nice.

So far it’s been an excellent trip. For tomorrow we have a good-looking local breakfast place lined up and a few more wineries, then back home.

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